About Us

In 2008 the WV Oral Health Program (OHP) came under fire during a legislative inquiry, where it was determined that the OHP was not performing as expected. The legislature charged the Program with forming an Advisory Board. The governor appointed 15 members to be on the advisory board to advise and grow the Program. The program was to improve access to oral care, to improve utilization and service delivery, to build partnerships and to build infrastructure.
During this time a small group of key stake holders devoted to improving oral health in WV came together as “WV Partners for Oral Health”. This group was able to procure several small grants that served as seed money to begin the oral health movement within WV.
WV Partners in Oral Health worked to establish a coalition of persons devoted to improving the oral health of all West Virginias. On June 3, 2011 in Sutton, WV the WV Oral Health Coalition held its first official meeting.

What We Do:
WVOHC organizes oral health efforts as outlined in the West Virginia Oral
Health Plan, supports and promotes oral health in West Virginia’s children
and adults by facilitating and coordinating collaborations, statewide and at
the community levels.

Our Focus:
• Provide adult oral health access to the uninsured
• Implement a multiple disciplinary plan for oral health
• Expand Medicaid to include adult restorative procedures
• Changing the culture of West Virginia when it comes to oral health

In June of 2012, a press conference was held discussing West Virginian children’s oral health. The video of that conference is in four parts below:

Press Conference Introduce video

Panel Discussion Video – Part 1

Panel Discussion Video – Part 2

Panel Discussion Video – Part 3